Just Like Missouri

On this Missouri Day, we bring you a poem about Colorado that has been quite rightly adapted for Missouri use.  From the February 2, 1900 Skidmore Standard, page 4:

Just Like Missouri.
Adapted From the Denver Post.

The preacher on his visit read a chapter from the book.
Then offered up a prayer to the Lord,
And, with the farmer’s family for auditors, he took
A theme of exhortation from the word.
He talked about the beauties of the blessed Promised Land,
The living streams and never-dying flowers,
The trees of deathless beauty waving cheer on every hand,
The song-birds singing music in the bowers.

He dwelt upon the virtues of the residents up there;
They all were men and women fair to see,
The ever-golden sunshine, the pure and balmy air,
The cities in their lordly majesty.
The farmer’s little daughter sat and listened, open-eyed,
Her face reflecting reverence and awe,
And when the preacher finished she in childish rapture cried,
“It’s just like Missouri, ain’t it, ma?”

Parshall Anniversary

The Independence Day festivities took up much of our space, and we neglected to bring you the following happy news from the July 5, 1901 Skidmore Standard, page 4:

Passing by the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Parshall yesterday one could have seen an assembly of people as that was their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary and a large number of friends had been invited in to help them enjoy the occasion.

A table was spread about the noon hour, with all the good things imaginable thereon to which all took part in a way that showed the good health they were enjoying.