New M. E. Church Plans, 1905

Exciting news for the congregation of the Skidmore M. E. Church, as reported in the September 28, 1905 Skidmore New Era, page 1:

New M. E. Church.

We have examined the plans and specifications for the Skidmore M. E. Church.  They are beautiful in design and explicit in detail, and if the plans are carried out according to the specifications, it will be one of the most substantial and convenient churches in Northwest Missouri and will be an ornament to our town, and a credit to the people who build it.

The plan calls for a brick veneered church 54×60 feet with full basement, built of concrete blocks 9 inches high in the clear.

In the basement story there will be a Sunday School room, ladies’ parlor, class room, hall, book room, furnace and fuel rooms.  In the second story there will be a vestibule, pastors study and organ and choir loft.  The auditorium and lecture room are to be furnished in fresco and polished hard pine, seated with circular pews in oak.  The auditorium and lecture room are to be separated by a vertical rolling partition and when thrown together there will be seating space, within full view and easy hearing of the speaker, to accommodate five hundred people.  The windows in the basement will be filled with English prism glass and those in the main building with art glass.


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Memorial Day in Skidmore, 1904

From the June 7, 1904 Skidmore New Era, page 1:

M. W. A. Memorial.

The Memorial exercises of the M. W. A., of Camp No. 3077 of this city Sunday afternoon, was well attended.  The members gathered at the hall, with the members of the Royal Neighbors, and marched in a body to the Masonic Cemetery where the graves of their dead brothers were decorated with flowers.  There was a large crowd present to witness the exercises at the cemetery, this being the first time that this camp has ever been called upon to act in memory of their dead brothers which have died in the past year.


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Joy in Government Work

From the May 29, 1903 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Francis Joy is Going West.
His Family Will Live Temporarily in Ravenwood While He is in Montana on Government Work.

Francis Joy, of Skidmore, was in the city Monday arranging to have his family stay at Ravenwood, where some of their relatives reside. During the next ten days Mr. Joy expects to leave for Montana, where he will enter the employ of the United States government, in charge of ten men, in the work of the forest reserve. Mr. Joy was formerly employed in this capacity, but had to resign as a result of ill health. His present newly acquired position has been voluntary offered him because of his knowledge in this kind of work and the skill and adaptability he displayed in his former incumbency. Mr. Joy was, at one time, engaged in the grocery business here, but has for some time been employed at Skidmore, where he has been with Kellogg, Price & Smith. — Maryville Tribune.

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M. A. Wilke — Fine Confections

Hungry?  M. A. Wilke & Co would have served you in a manner Up To Date and with viands of the Choicest Kinds.  I’m sure we ladies would have appreciated the parlor filled with confections in abundance.  From the May 11, 1905 Skidmore New Era, page 1:

They are fine!  We are talking about those Ice Cream Sodas and Sundaes they make at Wilke's.  They have a Parlor neatly furnished where Ladies can be served with these delicious dainties of any flavor they may wish. Confections in abundance and of the finest quality.  The hungry served in a manner up to date and with viands of the choicest kinds.  We invite you to call and we assure you a cordial welcome.  M. A. Wilke & Co.

M. A. Wilke & Co. served an abundance of the finest quality confections in Skidmore, Missouri. [From the May 11, 1905 Skidmore New Era, page 1.]

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Death of Thomas Brittianham, 1903

From the May 29, 1903 Skidmore Standard (Skidmore, Missouri), page 4:

Died Near Greenwood, Nebraska.

M. W. Atherton received a telegram this morning stating that Thomas Brittianham died Wednesday, May 27 at 2 o’clock.  The message was dated on the afternoon of his death but on account of the recent storms causing bad wire service, the message was not received until this morning.

Mr. Brittianham went to the home of his brother, near Greenwood, Nebr., a few weeks ago in hopes of improving his health, but after arriving there gradually became worse until the end.

The deceased had made his home in Skidmore with his father, F. W. Brittianham, for the past 6 or 8 years and has many friends who are saddened by his untimely death.  He was a very popular young man among his associates and his companionship will be greatly missed by them.

Thomas Lee Brittianham was born in Hillsdale, Iowa, June 18, 1880, and died at the home of his brother, Tim Brittianham, near Greenwood, Nebr., May 27, 1903.  He was conscious until the last and passed away as if lying down in peaceful sleep.  His death was caused from consumption.

The remains were interred near Greenwood.


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Another Big Day: Amusement to Entertain You

There was always something happening in Skidmore, and Saturday, May 27 was “another big day” of entertainment provided by the town’s merchants.  If you were there, you’d be treated to death-defying acts, the largest balloon on earth, and a daring aeronaut, Prof. Rice, drifting to earth.  If that wasn’t your style, you had only to wait a bit for the big base ball game, followed by a guaranteed attraction at the Opera House after all the other features were over.  Worth coming miles to see, indeed.  We’re sorry we missed it.

From the Skidmore New Era, May 25, 1905, page 1:

We invite you and your family and neighbors to visit Skidmore, Saturday, for we have provided at a large expense Amusement to Entertain you.  Which includes Prof. Rice in his daring and unexcelled balloon and parachute exhibition.  Everybody should take an afternoon off and see the nerve racking, death-defying act.  Rice is pronounced by millions to be the highest and surest flyer on Earth. . . Different from all others, worth coming miles to see.  A big ball game will be another feature of the big day.  Come and enjoy another big day with us and we will show you a good time. A guaranteed attraction at the Opera House after all other Features are over.

Ad for a very big day of entertainment provided in Skidmore, Missouri in May 1905. From the May 25, 1905 Skidmore New Era, page 1.

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Wolfe’s Opening Sale, 1905

George A. Wolfe purchased J. M. French & Co. in 1905 and announced a grand opening sale in the May 25, 1905 Skidmore New Era:

"Opening Sale.  Having purchased the J. M. French & Co's business we wish to announce to the public that it is the intention to continue the business and always carry in stock a full line of the Best Grade of Goods usually carried in a first class Hardware and Furniture stock. We hope by fair and Courteous Treatment to retain all of the patrons of the retiring firm and will certainly appreciate the favor of any new customers that may give us a portion of their trade. In order to meet and become acquainted with as many as possible of the people of Skidmore and vicinity we have planned an Opening Sale Friday and Saturday, May 26 and 27."

Grand opening of the George A. Wolfe store (formerly J. M. French & Co.) in Skidmore, Missouri in 1905. From the May 25, 1905 Skidmore New Era.

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