A Big Trade

Advertisement for Manchester & Gill, Skidmore Missouri, 1901.

Manchester and Gill advertise in the January 4, 1901 Skidmore Standard.

Business news from the Skidmore Standard’s June 15, 1900 edition:

A Big Trade.

A deal was consummated the fore part of the week in which J. W. Ware, who has been one of the business men of Skidmore a number of years, retires to become a farmer, George Manchester and Fred Gill don the harness and enter the ranks as hustlers for business.

As the trade stands, Mr. Ware becomes the owner of the Gill farm, seven and one-half miles northeast of Skidmore, which by the way is one of the finest farms in the county; and Messrs Manchester and Gill become equal partners in the stock of hardware, harness, etc.  The invoice was begun yesterday morning and will probably be completed tonight.

Mr. Gill thoroughly understands the harness business and Mr. Manchester has gained a good, practical knowledge of the mercantile business by his connectino with the firm of Sewell Bros. & Montgomery as salesman, so the new firm will no doubt succeed and be a trade winner for the town.