A Christmas Tree for the Entire Community

It takes a village to raise a Christmas tree, as we see in this article from the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), December 13, 1923:

A Christmas Tree for the Entire Community

Tree Will Be Out Doors and Every Child Under 15 Will Receive a Treat.

Arrangements have been made by the three churches of Skidmore to have a Christmas tree for the entire community.  The tree will be placed on the vacant lot just north of the Barrett store and will be erected and lighted with electricity the Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights before Christmas.  A program is being arranged and will be presented in the band stand.

Yes, Santa Claus will be there and maybe his wife will be with him.  Just leave it to Old Santa, he will see that every boy and girl under the age of 15 years, gets a treat.

At a meeting last Monday night, the officers of the Sunday Schools appointed the following committees:

To get tree and place it on ground — J. R. Gibbs, Gaylord Dilts, and L. J. Reese.

To erect tree ready for lighting — Rev. Cokely, L. D. Jordan and J. W. Weddle, Jr.

To light tree — Earl Jordan, Mike Freeze and Clyde Stevens.

Decorations — E. A. Cox, Leona Sewell, Minnie Kramer, Edith Porter, Mrs. Loren Pfeiffer, James Earley and Roy Horn.

To raise funds and purchase treat — J. O. Miller, W. S. Linville, Mrs. E. R. Bird.

To sack treat — Margaret Norton, Mrs. E. A. Cox, Mrs. C. H. Beverlin, Gladys Stamper, Mrs. Clyde Barrett and Mrs. Charley Money.

Publicity — Geo. Manchester, Tom Culley and Wayman McGinness.

Program and amusement — Mrs. J. W. Weddle, Jr., Mrs. Mervyn Gray and Mrs. C. H. Geyer

Watch the paper next week for further announcements.