A Depot to Point to with Pride

Town improvement news from the April 2, 1908 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Prospects Look Good.
We New Expect to Have a New And Commodious Depot — One That Will be a Credit to us.

Last Tuesday Skidmore was greatly wrought up over four car load of old lumber which came from East Leavenworth, representing the dismantled depot of the Burlington Route at that point. It was not good to look at and our business men were not pleased with the prospect of an old shack going up for a depot, when we boast of so many good business buildings in our city. But with customary promptness a petition was circulated by that ever wide awake druggist, R. A. Walker, asking the railroad people to not inflict us with an eye sore, but to give us a building that we could point to with pride.

The two watch dogs of Skidmore’s interests, Messrs W. R. Linville and H. W. Montgomery, were delegated to present the petition to the proper official in St. Joseph. Armed with this document these gentlemen went to St. Joseph last Wednesday and laid the facts before the railroad officials, when they received every courtesy at their hands.

Photograph of the train depot at Skidmore, Missouri, some time in the early 1900s. A flower bed is in place in front of the depot.

Skidmore, Missouri Depot, date unknown. Photograph by G. C. Ashbrook.

Saturday, Agent Owen received a communication from the superintendent telling him to inform the petitioners to have no fear, that a building would be erected to which anyone in Skidmore could have no objections.

Again the fact is brought before us that the day when a railroad superintendent could draw himself into a shell armor proof and refuse to listen to the voice of patrons is past. Mr. Rice is a new man, but he has shown himself to be a strictly up-to-date personage by listening to the voice of the people.