A Happy Gathering of Elderly Ladies

From the September 28, 1911 Skidmore New Era, page 6:

Celebrated Eighty-Seventh Birthday.

The beautiful home of Mrs. Robert Barrett on River Hill was the scene of a happy gathering of elderly ladies a few days ago.

The occasion was the eighty-seventh birthday of Mrs. Barrett’s mother, Mrs. Margaret Sherrard, and an enjoyable time it was indeed.

Through the kindness of C. E. Owens the ladies were treated to an automobile ride from their homes to that of their hostess.

The invited guests were:  Grandma Weddle, aged 89, Grandma Hover, aged 83, Grandma French, aged 77 and Grandma Burkhead aged 75.  The combined ages of these together with that of Grandma Sherrard, totals 411 years, or an average of over 82 years.

After an excellent dinner, the afternoon was spent in conversation and music, and the good ladies lived over their girlhood days again. It was good to listen to the interesting narratives they had to relate.

Some young ladies were called in during the afternoon to contribute to the enjoyment of the occasion by singing the old hymns and songs that are so loved by those in the winter of life.

Several pretty and useful presents were left by the guests and to say that Grandma Sherrard appreciated them greatly, is putting it mildly.

Mrs. Barrett was ably assisted in entertaining by Mrs. Margaret Bindley, of Sugar Grove, Pa., Mrs. Sarah Russell, Mrs. G. C. Ashbrook and Mrs. E. D. French.

May Grandma Sherrard, Grandma French, Grandma Burkhead, Grandma Hoover and Grandma Weddle live to enjoy many more such happy days as this was. God bless them.