A Square Deal at Barrett, Stoolfer & Owens

We hope you are enjoying a peaceful start to the new year.  If you are in search of post-holiday shopping bargains, may we suggest those at Barrett, Stoolfer & Owens?  From the January 17, 1907 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 5 (click to enlarge):

Bargains.  We are selling a Duck Overcoat at $1.35; decidedly a bargain.  We are selling a Pure Gum Overshoe at $1.75; regular price $2.25.  We are selling a good overshoe at $1.50; regular price $1.75.  We are selling all winter goods at a bargain. Come and see.  The only safe way to build a permanent business is on the square, open and above board; produce the goods and sell them at prices that everybody knows to be absolutely all right.  Twisted and hazy statements may deceive a few for a time, but they won't stick at the real point of progress.  We want all the business we can get, but we are not so wild for business that we can afford to deceive the people by underhanded methods.  If you want a Square Deal come in and see us. Barrett, Stoolfer & Owens.

Bargains at Barrett, Stoolfer & Owens in Skidmore, Missouri. From the Skidmore New Era, January 17, 1907, page 5.

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