Abi Ashbrook’s Sweet 16 Party

We here at Storyteller Central are proud descendants of the young lady celebrated in the following article from the August 1, 1902 Skidmore Standard (page 1, of course):

Surprise Party

Last Monday evening about thirty of Miss Abi Ashbrook’s friends gave her a complete and most agreeable surprise.  Miss Abi was sixteen years old last Saturday, July 26, but in order that she might be more surprised her young friends thought it best to wait until Monday evening to have their party.  Monday evening the crowd assembled at the Ashbrook home and when Abi returned from down town and found the house full of young friends, she was so surprised she knew not what to do for a time.  The company enjoyed themselves in various ways, and at a late hour departed for their respective homes wishing their young friend many more such happy occasions.