One more story

Margaret Strickler and Katherine Gray

There is at least one good story out there for every person who ever lived.  Some stories just get better coverage than others.  I created this site to share a few of the stories from Kansas and Missouri that I’ve been inspired to uncover.

Leave no stone unturned. – The Oracle at Delphi, as quoted by Euripides.

Some stories take more digging than others to uncover.  I think those can be the very best kind of all.  Early aviator Art Smith said it well when his friends described him as having “bulldog grit.”  “They were wrong.  I had grit – it was all I did have – but it was not the bulldog variety.  A bulldog hangs on, but he does it with his teeth alone.  I never noticed that a bulldog cared much what he hung on to, just so he hung on.  I stuck to my idea, but I did it with all the brains I had.” [1. “Thrilling Acts Arranged for Fair Patrons,” Trenton Evening Times, 17 September 1915, page 11.]

Part of my family hails from Skidmore, Nodaway County, Missouri, and I attempt to honor them by sharing Skidmore Stories from the local paper.  I have been working for the past couple of years on an index to the Skidmore Standard newspaper and its successor, the New Era, which had one of my ancestors as editor for a few years.  Printed copies of the Standard index are available at area genealogy libraries, and I hope to share a searchable index here in the near future.

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The Skidmore newspaper issues that remain are available from the State Historical Society of Missouri.  I am grateful for their diligent, professional work on behalf of Missouri’s citizens and history.

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