All Set for Christmas Trade

We bring you this lovely overview of Skidmore’s business district from the December 10, 1925 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

“All Set” for Christmas Trade

Stores All Decorated and Ready for the Christmas Trade.  Shop Early and Early in the Day.

The merchants of Skidmore have been busy the past week unpacking Christmas goods and putting them on display.  The stores are being given an unusual Christmas appearance this year and when you visit one of them you can’t help but feel the Christmas spirit.

They have added a large assortment of goods to their stock this year and most of it is new, as they were practically sold out last Christmas.

In making the rounds the other day, our attention was attracted at every place visited.

At the L. D. Jordan store we noticed a table of 10c aluminum ware, and other articles that would make a nice gift, such as flash lights and pocket knives.

At the R. B. Foster store we noticed an unusual display of handkerchiefs and the store was well decorated.  We also noticed other gifts such as hand bags, gloves, etc.

Going across the street we entered the Barrett store and here it looked as if Old Santa had left all his toys, umbrellas, dolls and what not, and the store had the appearance of the Christmas spirit throughout.

At the Walker Drug store Old Santa had left a large assortment of toys also, and many other articles, jewelry, stationery, etc.

The Farmers store was also looming up as if some one had had the Christmas spirit, and here we found many articles that make useful gifts, such as blankets, hosiery, etc.

When we entered the McGinness meat market, we found Wayman and Dewey so busy that they had not had the time to do their decorating, but said their store would have the Christmas appearance and would be ready to supply every one for their big dinner on Christmas day.

The Model Drug store was a busy place, unpacking their goods and decorating their store.  This is another place Old Santa did not fail to leave a large load of toys for the kiddies.  There were also on display assortment of china ware, manicure sets, etc.

At the Manchester & Dodds store we found Andy and Frank trying to put an electric train together and they finally succeeded. We also noticed a nice line of Community silver ware in the show case and many other articles that would make appreciated gifts for the boys and girls, and grown ups, too.

Dawson Cafe has just received a new line of candies, in bulk or in nice Christmas boxes, also a nice assortment of cigars and pipes.

The Bakery is also preparing for the Christmas trade and is ready to do your Christmas baking.

The Garnett Cafe has also received a fresh shipment of Christmas candies and cigars which make nice gifts for ladies and gentlemen.

The garages have also made a preparation for the Christmas holidays.  They can supply you with alcohol (wood) for your cars.

Most anything you want can be found in Skidmore this Christmas.  Everything that was seen was not mentioned, and many of those mentioned can be found at any of the business houses.