Another Meat Market

The Beef Trust doesn't have anything to do with the beef you buy at The New Meat Market, so don't get alarmed and think you have to become a vegetarian.  You will always find all kinds of nice meat at my shop at prices just as low as they can be made.  I solicit your patronage and will treat you right first, last and all the time.  M. P. Horn.

M. P. Horn’s new meat market evidently opened on schedule, as seen in this ad from the June 10, 1902 Skidmore Standard.

From the May 27, 1902 Skidmore Standard, page 4:

Skidmore to Have Another Meat Market.

M. P. Horn purchased the Mrs. James Gibbs store building the latter part of last week with a view to establishing another meat market in our town. The building joins the one occupied by James Gale’s grocery. Id Dawson used it for a pool room until a short time ago when he moved into the basement of the Cook building. Mr. Dawson paid six months rent in advance and used the building only two months. He and Mr. Gibbs failed to come to any agreement so it may be some time before Mr. Horn gets possession of the building. It all depends on whether he and Mr. Dawson can make a satisfactory settlement about the excess rentals.