Archie Barrett’s Narrow Escape

From the August 15, 1912 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Auto Plunges into a Fifteen Foot Ditch.

Monday morning as Archie Barrett was coming to Skidmore, he ran his automobile off an embankment into a ditch fifteen feet deep, completely overturning the car and catching him underneath.

The rain Monday morning had rendered the ground very slick and when he turned the corner and came to the bridge one and three-quarters west of Skidmore coming into town the road is very narrow with a deep ditch on either side. The car skidded to the north side of the road and came very near going into the ditch on this side; turning the steering wheel for the south side, his car plunged into the ditch head first before he could stop it.  When the front wheels dropped into the ditch this tipped the car forward and it turned completely over endways, catching Archie underneath, but fortunately a heavy pole across the ravine caught the side of the bed and saved him from being crushed.  While under the car he turned off the engine and opened the side door and crawled out, an unscratched, yet a very badly scared boy.

The car was pulled to town and will be sent to Kansas City for repairs.  The damage to the car was not very great. Top and back of bed mashed and fenders jammed up considerably.