As Rich as Cream

From the January 25, 1912 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

As Rich as Cream.

In speaking of things of a high quality we sometimes use the expression, “as rich as cream.”  We will have to be very careful now in these days of high-priced cream in using this expression unless we are speaking of a bonanza gold mine or some other thing of great intrinsic value, for cream is getting to be about one of the costliest things brought to market, and if it keeps on raising in value we would not be surprised, ere long, if some one would propose “cream” as the standard of value on which we make our monetary system.

Friday of last week Ralph Pope brought to D. McGrew’s cream station in Graham, one can of cream, weighing 80 lbs. which tested 50 per cent and for which he received $14 in cash.  This, Mr. McGrew says, was the largest can of cream ever brought to Graham, and sold for the most money.  “As rich as cream” means something now.


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