Ash – Ward Wedding

From the April 27, 1900 Skidmore Standard, page 8:

This office recently printed invitation cards to the marriage of Miss Lora M. Ward to Dr. J. G. Ash, of Hersman Illinois. The wedding is to occur, Wednesday evening, May 2, at the home of W. B. Ward, 7 miles northwest of town.

From the May 4, 1900 Standard, page 3:

A Home Wedding.

Dr. John G. Ash, of Hersman, Illinois, and Miss Lora Ward, of near Skidmore, were united in marriage, Wednesday evening by Rev. Pollard of St. Joseph.

The wedding was solemnized at the elegant home of the bride’s father, Mr. Walter B. Ward, seven miles west of town, in the presence of about fifty invited guests, who with a few exceptions, were relatives of Miss Ward.

Immediately after the ceremony was concluded, the bridal party passed directly to the dining room to partake of the splendid wedding supper which had been prepared for the occasion.

Dr. Ash is a bright young man who enjoys a profitable practice of his profession in Hersman. In winning Miss Lora, he has secured a most charming, refined, intelligent young lady for a wife.

Mr. and Mrs. Ash received many elegant presents from relatives and friends. They departed this morning for Hersman, Ill., where they will make their future home.

The Standard joins their friends in extending congratulations.

The couple had a little help from their friends with the first part of their journey, as told in the May 4, 1900 Standard on page 4:

Missed the Train

The Ash-Ward wedding party missed the train this morning and had to drive to Bigelow. The morning train leaves Skidmore at 8:13 but Mr. W. B. Ward, who was driving, thought the time was 8:30 instead, and was driving leisurely along west of town when the train whistled for Skidmore. They reached town just as the train was leaving.

After some deliberation, it was decided to get a fresh team and drive to Bigelow to catch the noon train. When they left here there was a twenty-four mile drive before them with but three hours in which to make it. Lewis Garnett drove them so they probably arrived in Bigelow on time.