Automobiles – Skidmore Standard 1902-05-30

The following is an index entry from the Index to the Skidmore Standard, 1902.  Short entries are transcribed in the “Notes or transcript” field, while longer articles are summarized.  To obtain a copy of longer articles, contact your library’s Interlibrary Loan department or the State Historical Society of Missouri.

Last name, company name or subject:  Automobiles

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Notes or transcript:  “H. F. Staple, of Maryville, accompanied by Ralph Eversole, came over Wednesday morning in his automobile. Horseless carriages don’t come to Skidmore so often that the people have ceased to regard them as a thing worthy of notice, and if it were not for the liability of being called dawn by some of our readers for springing an old pun on them, we would say Mr. Staple auto come oftener. Even if we haven’t a machine in Skidmore we may have some day, and it would be nice to get the transfer teams – and others – sufficiently accustomed to seeing them that they wouldn’t start or shy, or stop to stare, every time one might come in sight.”

Newspaper:  Skidmore Standard

Date (YYYY-MM-DD):  1902-05-30

Volume:  8

Issue:  43

Page:  1

Column:  3