Automobiling Time is Here

We modern folks take automobiling for granted these days, but confess — wouldn’t we look stylish in a pair of amethyst driving goggles? ¬†From the May 26, 1921 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 5:

Advertisement: Automobiling Time is here and with a demand for Goggles. A variety of shades: Amethyst, Dark and Medium Amber Lenses. Come in and look them over. Walker's Drug and Jewelry Store.

Advertisement for driving goggles at Walker’s Drug and Jewelry Store in Skidmore, Missouri. From the Skidmore News, May 26, 1921, page 5.


With that, we bring you the following tips from the June 3, 1915 Skidmore New Era, page 4:

Some Auto Don’ts

The National Council of Industrial Safety asks that all automobilists obey to the letter these ten commandments of the road:

Don’t run fast into or across main highways.

Don’t take blind curves too fast.

Don’t run on the wrong side of the road.

Don’t pass street cars when passengers are boarding or leaving.

Don’t fail to sound your horn before passing other vehicles.

Don’t forget that a car or a person may be just around the turn.

Don’t forget that the other fellow may be dull or reckless.

Don’t fail to look out for pedestrians.

Don’t forget that children dash suddenly and unexpectedly.

Don’t take chances. ¬†That’s the simple, embracing rule.