Band Stand Improvements, 1912

Priorities!  If the town can raise money for the baseball team, why can’t it upgrade the band stand?  From the June 20, 1912 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Finishing Band Stand

Renewed interest has been taken in the band stand which occupies a prominent place in the middle of the four corners of the streets.  Steel shingles were put on Wednesday and other finishing touches will be made.  The band boys promise a series of band concerts during the summer months which will be greatly appreciated by the people.

Some have complained that the band stand should not have been placed in the streets as it is in the way of travel.  Well it would have been better had we a lot to have put it on, and still better if we had had a nice music hall fitted up with all modern conveniences with a band and orchestra furnishing music every evening, but we like everyone else have to take what we can get, not all the time what we like best.  No one had a $500 lot to donate and a few more $500 donations for hall, etc., so we had to make the best of the means at hand.

Other towns, larger than Skidmore have erected band stands and pavilions in the streets and are proud of them and still other towns, many times larger than Skidmore, are contemplating building pavilions in the street so that all the people may have free access to the evening band concerts.  We all ought to be boosters and, at least, those who will not boost should refrain from knocking.


Elsewhere in that edition:

The band boys promise us some Saturday evening concerts.  Good, now let’s put some seats along the sidewalks near the band stand so we can enjoy the music.