Basketball Victories for Skidmore, 1906

Sporting news from the November 29, 1906 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Victories for Skidmore.

The Blue and White Triangles were victorious in the last three games.  Last Saturday night the normal played a good game but were outclassed by the team work of the Triangles.  The score at the end of the game stood 22 to 18 in favor of the Triangles.

The line-up was Horn, right forward, Barrett, left forward, Cottrill, center, Crocket, right guard and Porter, left guard.  The officials were R. A. Walker, referee and George Davis, umpire.  The game was clean throughout and pleased all.

The White Triangles started the double game off between the Mound City High School and the Triangles of Skidmore, by defeating the High School girls in a score of 35 to 8.  This was quite a surprise to everyone as it was their first game.  They thought that if they could keep even they would be doing well.  When the game started the High School center could not cope with Miss Nettie Brown, therefore the ball was passed to the forward end, where the two sisters, Misses Cecil and Myrtle Saunders succeeded in throwing 17 field goals, making the score 34.  Miss Myrtle threw one goal from the foul line, which made one point, making the score 35.  These two girls do such good team work that when one of them succeeds in getting possession of the ball it means two points for the White Triangles.

To say that the guards played a fierce game is putting it very mild.  The guard end was played by Miss Bess Strickler and Esther Loucks.  These guards have but few equals, barring out the Y. W. C. A. and University teams.  Substitutes were Mary Ashbrook and Bess Gray.

There are no games scheduled just at present but the management of the team hopes to get a game here with the Oregon High School team some time in December.

The Blue Triangles finished the game Tuesday night by defeating the High School by a score of 29 to 12.

After the girls won their game so easily the boys thought it would not do for them to lose their game, so they all played as they never played before, which soon put the High School far in the rear.  The team work of the Blue Triangles was far superior to that of the High School, therefore putting the ball in position to be easily caged.

The line-up was as follows:  Horn, right forward, five field goals and eleven points from foul line; Barrett, left forward, one field goal and awarded one point by being fouled while trying for goal; Cottril, center, three field goals; Crocket, right guard, Porter left guard and Earl Ward and Harry Worl as substitutes.

This team was defeated in the first five games but they did not lose courage and by hard practice they have gained a good level with surrounding teams.  The boys say that the team that defeats them now will have to play swift ball.  The next game will perhaps be with the Fairfax team.  These two teams are very evenly matched and will put up a very good game.  Keep your eye open for the bills.

The Mound City girls’ team was composed of Misses Floss Bennett and Geneva Miles, guards; Eva Dillon, center; Bertha Miller and Gertrude Fogg, forwards.  Miss Cecil Cook was a substitute.

The boys team was made up of the following players:  Willard Hill and Wilbur Dunbar, guards; Francis Meyer, center; Fred Burks and Fred Cottier, forwards.

These young people showed themselves to be ladies and gentlemen and will receive a welcome from our people should they ever return to our city.

The management wish to kindly thank the people for their presence and enthusiasm during the game and hope to see all present at the next game.


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