Beautify the School Yard

Well, why not?  From the March 26, 1914 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 4:

Why Not Beautify the School House Yard?

Now that the spring of the year is here and with it comes the planting time, why not beautify the school house yard and grounds by setting out trees and shrubbery?

Rev. W. H. Welton says he can get a good donation of all kinds of trees and shrubbery from the Stark Nurseries for that purpose and everything in the tree and shrubbery line very cheap.

We think a good plan would be to organize a committee on School House Grounds for that purpose.  The school children and teachers could have a part in that too, and on Arbor Day we could have a general tree planting.  This would not only give the children something they would all take great interest in, but be the means of greatly improving the school grounds.  The children could purchase a tree (it would not cost much) and put it out themselves and have it for their own.  It would be a monument to them in years to come.

Some one, like Bro. Welton, could superintend the planting and keep everything in systematic order.

The grounds, west of the school house, between the school grounds and the railroad right-a-way might be purchased and converted into a nice school and town park.

Skidmore needs something of the kind, the school needs it and would be a public improvement of general use and add much to the town.

We suggest that a meeting be called, inviting citizens of the town, the teachers and pupils of the school, Brother Welton, and talk the matter over.  When we have our Chautauqua next fall, we could show our visitors the beginning of one of the best and most beautiful parks in all the country.  When will we have the meeting?