Berman Deffenbaugh’s Endeavor

It’s a pleasure to see what good we can do when we all do what we can.  Here’s young Berman Deffenbaugh’s effort toward the new M. E. Church in Skidmore in 1906.  From the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), March 1, 1906, page 1:

Through a Boy’s Endeavor.

The M. E. Sunday School has inaugurated a Birthday Box, whereby every member of the school gives one penny for each year of their life the first Sunday after their birthday occurs.

There was a surprise for the superintendent last Sunday, when the box was held up.  Berman Deffenbaugh reported the birthday of Geo. Washington, the Father of our country, and came forward with 174 pennies, it having been 174 years since the birth of this great man.

The proceeds of this box apply on the Sunday School window.  It has been but a short time since Berman handed the pastor $10 for the window fund, which he had made up with his own and his relatives’ contributions.

This work is good and when the boys take a hold it is sure the payment of the church is assured.