Big Time at Big Lake

Hot weather makes us wish for an escape to the lake.  A number of Skidmore’s young people did just that in 1906, as we see in the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), August 30, 1906, page 1:

Off For a Big Time

There is a merry crowd, partly made up by Skidmore young people, camping at Big Lake this week.  Those from here left Tuesday.  They were:  Miss Nelle Hudson of Maryville, Miss Carry [Carrie] Torrey and A. C. Dodds.  They were met at Bigelow by the Misses Floy and Irene Dodds and Mamie Craig and Mr. Logan Wood of Bolckow, and Miss Mamie Hoffman and Frank Hoffman of Savannah, and from there proceeded to the Big Lake to pass the time fishing and having a good time in general.  They will be joined later in the week by Miss Ruth Dodds of Burlington Junction and Miss Edith Torrey and Luke Dodds of St. Joseph.