Buggy Into Bandstand, 1913

From the February 27, 1913 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 7:

Tried to Straddle Band Stand

George A. Stevenson’s team ran away on the streets of Skidmore Friday, upsetting the buggy, spilling out Mr. Stevenson, breaking a few dozen of eggs and landing (but not right side up with care) on the floor of the band stand in the middle of the four corners of the street.

The team started at the residence of Joshua Stevensons, three blocks south of the band stand.  The team came rushing up the street like a whirlwind, and one of the horses wanted to go on the east side of the pavilion and the other thought the west side offered the best passage, but unfortunately the neck yoke wasn’t long enough for them both to have their way, hence their mixup with the band stand.  Mr. Stevenson was not hurt, the team and buggy received but little damage and the band stand escaped with one post slightly jarred loose at the bottom, but the eggs, well, they looked like they had been scrambled.