Bulte’s Best – It’s a Winner

Before Yelp and Amazon and the myriad of other places one can provide reviews of products, there was the local paper.  Check out the testimonials of local Skidmore, Missouri cooks Mrs. S. C. Clark, Mrs. G. W. Devers, Mrs. Reuben Barrett, Mrs. Clyde Barrett, Mrs. David Wright, and Mrs. Mary F. Welton from the April 18, 1907 Skidmore New Era, page 4:

Bulte's Best Flour. It's a Winner. We realize, more than ever, that we have overcome all flour difficulties by buying Bulte's Best. It reigns supreme in many homes in and around Skidmore. Let us place Bulte's Best in your home, with the assurance that it will more than please you and that you will use no other kind but Bulte's Best. Read these testimonials: Bulte's Best makes very fine bread. I heartily recommend it to anyone. Mrs. S. C. Clark. Bulte's Best flour is simply fine. Mrs. G. W. Devers. Bulte's Best flour is superfine. It is the best I have used in many years. Mrs. Reuben Barrett. I have used Bulte's Best flour and can say that it is the best flour I have ever used. Mrs. Clyde Barrett. I have never used a flour just as good as Bulte's Best. Mrs. David Wright. Having used Bulte's Best flour, I consider it excellent for all purposes in family use. I desire nothing better. Mrs. Mary F. Welton. Yours for a Square Deal, Barrett, Stoolfer and Owens.

Bulte’s Best Flour: It’s a Winner. From the April 18, 1907 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 4.

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