Business Banquet at the Commercial Hotel, 1924

From the December 18, 1924 Skidmore News, page 1:

Hotel Entertains Business Men.
Forty-three Accept Invitation to the Banquet Friday Night of Last Week.

The Commercial Hotel entertained a number of the business men of Skidmore Friday evening at a banquet from 5 to 7:30 o’clock.

Every business man in Skidmore was extended an invitation and forty-three accepted the two and one-half hours of social gathering.

A number of business men made short talks and had two or three jokes to tell and Dr. J. E. Pierpoint, toastmaster, had some fitting remarks to add to each talk. He was also full of funny jokes and relieved himself of a few that came in handy.

Mrs. Hattie Patterson took charge of the Commercial Hotel about two years ago and has built up a patronage that will equal to many of the hotels in the larger places. It is not uncommon to hear traveling men to say that the Skidmore hotel is the best in this part of the country, and some have admitted changing their route so as to be in Skidmore over night and Sunday.

Mrs. Patterson has made several improvements since she has taken over the management of the hotel. City water has been connected and a large furnace has been installed and the building has been painted, which added much to its outside appearance.

It would be almost impossible to repeat all the good says that have been heard about the Commercial, but one thing certain, those who have had an opportunity to find out, say Skidmore has a hotel of which everyone should be proud.

Wouldn’t it be great if arrangements could be made whereby one of these banquets could be held about once a month?

Creamed chicken, mashed potatoes, creamed peas, slaw, salad, hot biscuits, coffee, ice cream and cake were served in abundance, and cigars were passed around for those who cared for them.