C. E. Owens Turns 50

Happy birthday to C. E. Owens, who believed that sunshine is better than clouds.  From the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), October 15, 1914, page 9:

Is Half a Hundred.

C. E. Owens celebrated his half century mark Saturday, although Charlie’s hair is getting a little thin on top, he looks as young as most men of 40.  One reason for that is, he is always in a good humor, has a smile for everybody and believes that sunshine is better than clouds.

Mr. Owens was born in Randolph County, Indiana.  In 1884 he left the home of his birth and came west, locating in northwest Missouri.  he made farming his occupation and soon bought a farm of his own and is now the owner of several farms in Nodaway and other parts of the country.

At different times he was in the mercantile business and at one time was the partner of H. T. and F. H. Barrett, the Monarch store merchants.

He was married in 1887 to Miss India Beverlin.  Five children were born to them, three living, John Owens of Skidmore and Miss Juanita and Marion who are at home.