C. T. Frost Returns to Maryville, 1907

The business world is always a challenge, as we see in this announcement from the January 24, 1907 Skidmore new Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Is Moving to Maryville.

Skidmore is to lose her only exclusive grocery and queensware store.  C. T. Frost & Co. began packing what remained of their stock of goods after a protracted sale of their stock at prices far below that usually asked by retail merchants, and wagons loaded with some of these goods have been taken to Maryville and will be added to the large stock of groceries belonging to W. B. Frost & Sons.  The remainder of the stock will be taken to Maryville as soon as it can be packed for its transportation across the country.

While in business here Mr. Frost received a fair patronage, but as his services are needed in the larger store at Maryville, he decided to move this stock to that place.

Here we see Frost & Co. prices advertised from one year before.  From the January 25, 1906 Skidmore New Era, page 1 (click to enlarge):

Advertisement - Just Look Over the Following.  The ad features prices for red onions, hickory nuts, a 100-piece China dinner set for $14.00, a 3-pound can of apples for 35 cents, two five-pound cans of sardines for ten cents, 8 pounds of navy beans for 25 cents, 3 packages of Good Cheer Buckwheat flour for 25 cents, and fresh crackers for seven cents a pound.  Fancy Lamps were given away with a $15.00 purchase.

Ad for C. T. Frost & Co., Skidmore, Missouri, Skidmore New Era, January 25, 1906

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