Campaign for YMCA, 1917

In the days leading up to Veterans Day, we’re remembering the war effort in Skidmore during World War I.  Skidmore folks did their part on the home front, as we see in this example from the November 15, 1917 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Campaign for Y. M. C. A.

As is well known, a nation wide campaign is being waged for funds to aid the Young Men’s Christian Association in its work of making the life of our soldiers and sailors more congenial and homelike and to contribute to the religious atmosphere of camp life.

Nodaway county has been asked to contribute $10,000 to this cause and S. G. Gillam of Maryville has been given the task of overseeing the work of raising that amount.

Mr. Gillam has appointed a man in each township to push the work and has delegated Frank H. Barrett as the one to lead in the Monroe township campaign.

A mass meeting was called for last Sunday night at the Methodist church and a crowd that almost filled the auditorium and annex of that structure was present.

After the regular religious service had closed, talks tending to show the nature of the conditions that exist in our training camps and the great work the Y. M. C. A. is doing to better the conditions were made by G. L. Owen, Elder M. Moore and Rev. D. F. Harrison.  The township secretary then took the platform and after a few remarks which fittingly led up to the chief purpose of the meeting called for subscriptions, and the raising of Monroe township’s share in this worthy cause was under way.

When the meeting was brought to a close $563 had been pledged, but the good work did not end here, nor will it end until Monday, November 19.  So he who has not already done so, and has it in his heart to make the conditions that surround our boys more wholesome, yet has time to give his “bit.”

At this time (Wednesday morning), $649.51 has been subscribed.  The names of the donors and amounts of their contributions follow:

$25 List:  Christian Sunday School, W. S. Linville, James Strickler, Reubin Barrett, Barrett Mercantile Co., J. O. Miller, Methodist Sunday School, Farmers Bank.

$15 List:  G. L. Owen, A. C. Dodds, J. C. Spahr, David Mitchell, J. W. Barber, R. B. Foster, M. A. Sewell.

$10 List:  J. W. Weddle, Sr., Maud Linville, J. F. Kellogg, Ollie Keever, A. L. Oakerson, G. F. Kellogg, Elmer Hart, Ladies Aid of Burr Oak Church.

$5 List:  M. T. Loucks, Ralph Paschall, Fred Barrett, Robert Barrett, Jake Suetterlin, D. F. Harrison, Frank Collins, Wm. Devers, Mrs. F. H. Barrett, Geo. McDaniel, Miss Mary Fullerton, R. A. Walker, Mrs. A. F. Howden, Fred Stephens, G. L. Manchester, M. F. Medsker, W. J. Berry, Mrs. F. S. Albright, Mrs. Laura Sharp, Elder M. Moore, Mrs. Lottie Bramble, B. O. Ford, Skidmore High School, Home Missionary Society M. E. Church, South, F. H. Barrett, E. T. Duval, Mrs. E. T. Duval, A. F. Howden, Harry Barrett, Okalla Suttle, Cash Collection, $5.01, C. E. Owens.

$2.50 List:  Ralph Wright, Mrs. M. Keever, Charles McDaniel, Mrs. M. Moore, Oto Riley, Hugh McGinness, W. C. Miller, Mrs. Nora Sewell, Everett Linville, G. C. Ashbrook, W. L. Charles, A. Keever, Mrs. L. D. Jordan, Mrs. R. G. Medsker, Wayman McGinness, Mrs. J. Suetterlin, J. W. Weddle, Jr.

$2.00 List:  Mrs. Lizzie Merritt, Mrs. A. L. Oakerson, Ray Strickler, W. G. Reynolds, S. B. Garnett, Mrs. Julia Brown, Anna Albright, T. O. Parsons.

$1.50 List:  B Sharp Jr. Music Club, Lois McDaniel.

$1.00 List:  J. Buntin, Chas. Geyer, Etta Suetterlin, Lilly McDowell, Vernon Barrett, Wm. Fullerton, Lane McGinness, Mrs. L. J. Goatcher, Mrs. Martha Walker, Geo. Barrett, Frank Tarpley, Ora Keever, Fred Shell, Walter Strickler, Bernice Linville, Mrs. Roy Schrader, Phila Strickler, Ross Dewitt, Erman Miller, Wood Gillispie, Lawrence Linville, Mrs. R. T. Goslee, Mrs. C. H. Geyer, Harold Hart, Mrs. G. F. Kellogg, Mrs. W. Gillispie, Bessie Mitchell, Merl Hammond, Dean Goslee, Minnie Kramer, Gladys Wright, Elza King, Vern Curnutt, Mrs. Oto Riley, Thelma Ford, Margaret Strickler, S. Saunders, Clyde Jones, Mrs. W. C. Miller, Hattie Patterson, L. J. Reese, Viola Barber, Mrs. Everett Linville, M. J. Gray, Ethel Brown, G. W. Murray, Fannie Albright, Mattie Tarpley, John Owens, G. R. Davis, Mrs. Albert Logan.

Mrs. Herb Stevens 25c, Mrs. James Gale 25c,  Mrs. John Puett 50c,  Mrs. E. P. Patterson 25c.

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