Captain Grigsby buys two fine automobiles

A mighty generous grandpa, indeed!  Gifting news from the November 17, 1910 Skidmore New Era, page 1:

“Grandpa” a Mighty Good Fellow.

Capt. John Grigsby purchased two fine automobiles this week and made them a present to his two grandsons, John and Willie Barber, sons of F. C. Barber.  These machines are among the very best on the market today, being high grade, 40 horse, 4 cylinder five passenger touring cars; made by the Stevens Duryea Manufacturing Co., of Chicapee Falls, Mass.

The Captain never does anything by halves and when he made his grandsons a present of an auto he bought the best he could find, costing $3,250 each.

“Grandpa” Grigsby is a mighty good fellow anyhow.  Wish we all had two or three grandpas like him.


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