Castletons at the Opera House, 1906

Theater news from the January 25, 1906 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Benefit at the Opera House, For the Foresters, Friday Evening, January 26, 1906.

They have secured the services of the Castletons, who were here recently for the Woodman Camp, and will put “A Village Romance,” a beautiful domestic drama, in five acts.  Vera Castleton in her emotional role of “Mabel,” and Wm. Castleton as “Norton Heath” have no superiors in this piece.  The cast will be a strong one.  This is a play all should witness.  It is a sermon in itself, a moral for all, full pathos, humor and not a dull moment.

We hope our friends will give them a generous welcome.

This review appeared in the following week’s edition:

A Splendid Play.

The play, “A Village Romance,” which was given at the opera house last Friday evening, under the direction of the Castletons, was a pleasing one in every particular.  The home people who took part were drilled so well by the Castletons that they acted their parts like veterans.  The Foresters realized a neat sum.

Mr. and Mrs. Castleton have followed acting for many years and we believe our citizens enjoy their plays.


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