Christian Endeavor Social, 1899

Miss Anna Linville was scheduled to host the November Christian Endeavor society social for Skidmore’s Christian Church, reported the November 17, 1899 edition of the Skidmore Standard: “The usual monthly social of the Christian Endeavor will be held at the home of Miss Anna Linville next Saturday evening. A good program; a good time. Come.”

A good time was indeed had by all, as was reported in the following week’s issue:

The Monthly socials of the Christian Church have gained greatly in interest and are now attended by a large number of orderly young people. Friday evening of last week, the social was held at Miss Anna Linville’s home and a very enjoyable time was experienced by each one present. Miss Anna proved herself to be a splendid entertainer. One of the most pleasurable games played was “Hidden Arts,” in which prizes were awarded. Luke Dodds and Miss Mattie Porter won first prize – a box of bon-bons, and Frank Manchester and Miss Zola Burk the booby prize – a child’s broom. This last prize was intended, by the donor, to be used by the parties winning it to scrub the cob-webs out of their thinking bonnets.