Chrysanthemum Show Disrespect

For shame, Queen City Leader! Mock ye not the ladies of the Skidmore Improvement Association and their chrysanthemums! Thank goodness the Skidmore ladies could show that editor what’s what, and good for the Skidmore Standard editor for setting him straight in the November 23, 1900 edition, page 4:

Over at Skidmore the ladies are arranging what is termed a ‘Mum Show.’ We predict the worst kind of failure in advance for the ladies are not noted for their ‘mum’ propensities. – Queen City Leader.


Not so fast there neighbor, you publish an excellent paper, but as a prophet you are a rank failure. If you had known that the Skidmore ladies never fail in anything they attempt, you would have kept as mum as a clam about their ‘Mum Show.’