Church Building Sold

More M. E. Church news from the September 28, 1905 Skidmore New Era, page 1:

Church Building Sold.

When the bids for the M. E. Church properties, that were advertised for in our last issue, were opened last Saturday, the Trustees decided to accept the bid of Harry Burnam of Maryville, for the church building.  Mr. Burnam’s bid was $780, possession to be given in six months from the time of sale.  We understand that there was a bid in which the monetary consideration was slightly greater but was not considered so good as the one accepted, for the reason that the bidder desired possession at once.  If this proposition had been accepted the congregation would have been without a place of worship, or would have had been obliged to rent a house until the new church building could be built; therefore Mr. Burnam’s bid was thought the best by those who had charge of selling of the property.

The Anderson house which stands on the lot on which the new church is to be erected, was purchased, Monday by John Gray.  Consideration $150.00.