Cleve Tudder and Tom Bailey Run Away

From the December 2, 1902 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Ran Away.

The community was startled last Sunday by the report that Cleve Thudder and Tom Bailey had run away the day before.  Inquiry revealed that the rumor was true.  It seems that they boarded the afternoon freight which leaves here about 2 o’clock and went as far as Burlington Junction at which place they got off, since that time nothing definite has been heard from them.


T. M. Tudder, grandfather of Cleve, and D. F. Baily, father of Tom, have gone to Council Bluffs, Omaha and all points in that direction, and as far down the road as Maryville, but no trace could be had, except that Mr. Tudder saw a man at Pacific Junction who saw two boys last Sunday night that answered the description pretty well but nothing certain.  The train men with whom they rode said that they got off at Burlington Junction and went out on the platform but they evidently suspected nothing and paid no attention to them.


The boys are not known to have any money and can travel but a short distance without help.  It is suspected that Cleve Tudder will try to make his way to Washington, as he has some relatives out there and has been wanting to go there for some time.  Both boys are small and not very strong for their ages, hence the anxiety of their relatives about them this inclement weather.


No known cause can be given for their running away, as they both have or had good homes. — Elmo Register.


A reward has been offered for their detention.