Clyde Collins and Joe Good Return to Skidmore, 1919

Happy news from the March 27, 1919 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri) is nonetheless tempered by a brief glimpse of the toll World War I took on Skidmore’s soldier boys. From page 4:

Have Seen Hard Service

Clyde Collins and Joe Good, both of whom have seen some hard service in France, arrived home in the latter part of last week.

Clyde arrived Friday morning, having received his discharge at St. Louis the day before.

Joe came home Saturday evening, hailing from Camp Dodge, Iowa, where he was given his discharge papers.

Both these boys will have cause to remember the war vividly as they have suffered from German gas and German bullets.

Mr. Collins had just sufficiently recovered from gas to be entitled to a discharge and Mr. Good is slowly regaining the use of a shoulder that was put out of business by a machine gun bullet. This was the most severe of the ten wounds he received in a few minutes while assisting in breaking up a series of five machine gun nests. He also suffered from gas.

Both boys are looking well considering the terrible experiences they have withstood.