Coldest Day of 1905

We are grateful for modern conveniences such as central heating, aren’t you?  From the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), February 16, 1905, page 1:

Monday Coldest Day.

A report was received Monday morning from Weather Observer Brink, at Maryville, stating that the Government thermometer registered 25 degrees below zero, the coldest weather since February ’99.  That winter the lowest temperature was 27 degrees below.

Train service was badly crippled.  The passenger which should have arrived at 8:13 in the morning did not get in until 12:45.  The delay was caused by the inability of a freight to get through the drifts near Clarinda.  There was no freight from the north Monday and none from the south Tuesday and none at all Wednesday.

Roads were badly blocked and in many places it is impossible to get through today.


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