Cook John – Skidmore Standard 1899-11-10

The following is an index entry from the Index to the Skidmore Standard, August 1898 – December 1899.  Short entries are transcribed in the “Notes or transcript” field, while longer articles are summarized.  To obtain a copy of longer articles, contact your library’s Interlibrary Loan department or the State Historical Society of Missouri.

Last name, company name or subject:  Cook

First name:  John

Middle name or initial:  


Article title:  

Notes or transcript:  “John Cook of Skidmore came down a few days ago and bought a span of match black Waukegan filleys from the D. A. Gelvin herd for $175. In his selection he shows good judgement. Mr. Gelvin tells us he has been offerend $200 for the same span since the sale. – Maitland Newspaper.”

Newspaper:  Skidmore Standard

Date (YYYY-MM-DD):  1899-11-10

Volume:  5

Issue:  29

Page:  5

Column:  2