Crepoline, Tricotine, Vigereaux, Armure

Although we are a bit skeptical about “a splendid line” of black wool for spring wear, we are delighted to read that “any line we have ever shown heretofore would seem tame in comparison.” ┬áHere are some ideas for your spring wardrobe planning from the April 4, 1902 Skidmore Standard, page 4:

We believe it when we say that we are sure we have something that will please you in our spring assortment of wool dress patterns and wash goods. You'll believe it too if you will only take the trouble to investigate, which we most sincerely hope you will do. Our line of wool dress patterns comprise the correct things for this spring and summer's wear -- such as Crepoline, Coverts, Biege, Tricotine, Vigereaux, Armure. A splendid line of blacks and the newest shades. Of our Wash Line, one lady said, after buying a dress pattern and two waists, that she would take another waist as it was not often that she had such a line to select from as this. And so it is -- any line we have ever shown heretofore would seem tame in comparison. You'll have to see them to appreciate them and this is what we hope you will do. Sewell Bros. & Montgomery.

From the April 4, 1902 Skidmore, Missouri Skidmore Standard, page 4.