D. R. Baker Writes from Oregon

Before there was Facebook, before email, we all wrote letters to one another, and as happened in this August 2, 1906 edition of the Skidmore New Era, sometimes we did share information for all our neighbors to see.

From Oregon.

Rainer, Oregon, July 21, 1906.

Mr. W. R. Linville, Skidmore, Mo.

Dear Sir:–

When I was in Astoria a few days ago I called on the sheriff, Big Tom Linville, as the boys out here call him.  I told him who I was, and that you had requested me to call and see him when I was in Astoria.  Mr. Linville is a good fellow, has a host of friends, not only in Astoria, but in all northwest Oregon.  He has an enviable record as sheriff, having the reputation of being one of the squarest and the best officials ever elected to that office in the country.  Has done more to drive out gamblers, suppress vice and bring the city up to a high level of respectability than any other officer ever elected in Astoria.

When I was in the city it was just two or three days before his office would expire, and Mr. Linville had refused to allow his name to go before the people for the nomination for a third term, and the dailies came out with a big two column, double headed article reciting some of the many good things he had done while in office and also stating that he could have gotten the nomination and the election to the office just as long as he would have consented to have it.  The office of sheriff, as you know, is one of the biggest offices in the county out here.

We are having fine weather now, just the kind for lumbering and fishing, the two great industries of northwest Oregon.

Give my regards to all enquiring friends, I remain,

Yours Very Truly,

D. R. Baker.