David Hitchcock, Jr. Accused of Horse Stealing, 1907

Crime news from the March 28, 1907 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Accused of Horse Stealing.

There was much speculation as to what Deputy Sheriff Tilson had come to town for last Friday evening. Next morning he was seen driving through town toward Maryville, having in his custody David Hitchcock, Jr., whom he had arrested at the home of David Hitchcock, Sr., at an early hour that morning.

It was learned later, through the columns of the Maryville Daily Tribune, that he had been arrested by request of officers at Grand Junction, Colorado, who informed Sheriff Evans that he was wanted at Grand Junction on the charge of stealing a horse.

A saddle in the possession of Hitchcock seems to answer the description of the one that was on the horse at the time it was stolen.

The prisoner was held at the county seat awaiting the arrival of the sheriff from Grand Junction. It is said that young Hitchcock has served a two years term in prison for a similar offense. An officer started for Grand Junction with him Monday.

This is certainly a hard blow for his grandparents and other relatives who are among the best and most highly respected residents of this community.