Dr. Hutt’s Wheat

From the August 3, 1900 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Dr. Hutt’s Wheat.

Dr. J. M. Hutt has a very fine farm just across the river west of town. He had 56 acres in wheat, this season, which threshed 1,695 bushels of grain. One field of 19 acres made the splendid yield of 699 1/2 bushels, or nearly 37 bushels to the acre. Dr. Hutt thinks this is something out of the ordinary in wheat raising in this part of the world. And the figures are made larger when the amount of down grain, which the binder failed to get, is added. It is a very conservative estimate say the men who harvested the fields, that the down grain left would make four bushels to the acre. Thus we have a field within rifle shot of Skidmore which made 40 bushels to the acre.