Dr. Pierpoint’s gift to the Christian Church

From the April 6, 1911 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

An Expression of Thanks.

On Sunday morning, April 2, the members of the Christian church were happily surprised by receiving a handsome thirty day clock which had been hung on the south wall of the church by Dr. J. E. Pierpoint without the knowledge of any of the members.  To make the surprise complete the Doctor had secured the key to the church on Saturday and had the clock placed on the wall, where it met the surprised and gratified gaze of all who attended services there Sunday.

The members of the church take this means of expressing their sincere thanks and appreciation of such a splendid gift.  And wish hereby to assure the Doctor that we will not soon forget his kindness in supplying this long felt need, and that we will hold in memory both the donor and the gift.

By order of the church, Mrs. W. R. Linville and Mrs. W. M. Howden, Com.

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