Dry Weather

There’s trouble to be had when one lets the editors forecast the weather, as we see in the September 6, 1901 Skidmore Standard (Skidmore, Missouri):

It is said that a lightning bug set fire to a lawn in the south part of town Monday night.  The oldest inhabitant doesn’t remember to have seen lawns dryer than they are now. — Bethany Republican.

How will you trade that lightning bug for Albany’s dynamite-eating frog? — Albany Ledger.

Hush!  ‘Tis said that one of J. H. Wylie’s red steers set his meadow pasture afire several weeks ago and not a railroad train as reported. — Stewartsville Investigator.

Yet none of these are so disastrous in effect as the case of the Worth county young lady who set a young man’s heart on fire and exploded his feelings. — Grant City Star.

That reminds us that an Andrew county couple were sitting in the hammock and the lawn caught fire from a “spark.”  When accused of this the young lady blushed so warm that her father, fearing a conflagration, promptly “fired” the young man. — Whitesville Banner.