Editor Expects to Visit Skidmore, 1916

Big events can temporarily swell the size of small towns, and August 1916 seems to have been an opportunity for just such an occasion.  (Or, at least, there were plans for such an occasion.)  From the May 25, 1916 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri):

Expects to Visit Skidmore.

The editor of this paper has lived more than twenty-five years in Nodaway county, yet we have never had the pleasure of being in Skidmore.  Hon. W. J. Bryan is to speak at the Chautauqua in Skidmore August 11th and if we live it is our intention to visit the town that day, that is, if the people think they are capable of entertaining two such distinguished men on the same date!  We want the Skidmoreites to be well prepared even if the lesser light is for peace at any price. — Hopkins Journal.

Come along, Brother Moorehead, we will be mighty glad to see you here any day and as we believe most of the people here have seen, heard or read about Hon. W. J. Bryan, the presence of a man who has lived in this county as long as you have and has never been to Skidmore will surely be an attraction to be noted.  We won’t even ask you to behave yourself, for when you get over here and mingle with our good people — that means all of us — you can’t help but be good, we know.