Election Day, 1903

We hope those whose cities and towns are holding local elections today will go vote.  Although we would alter it to read “men and women,” we are otherwise in agreement with the following from the Skidmore Standard (Skidmore, Missouri), March 31, 1903, page 4:

The Election.

This is the day to elect township officers, and while such an election is not generally considered of much importance, we, as citizens of the township, ought to be as interested in today’s election as we are in the higher ones.  The election today is the one we elect men that see to our individual or home affairs and we should see to it that the candidates elected are the ones that are the most capable of filling the office, regardless of politics or any little personal grievances.  When you cast your vote today, if you have not already voted, cast it for the man that will best fill the office.

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