Election Day: A Big Feast and a Grand Time

Election Dinner. The Ladies of the Christian Church will serve their annual Election Day Dinner at the I. O. O. F. Hall on Tuesday, November 3. A good dinner will be served. They will also hold their annual Bazaar at this time. Come, everybody. Dinner 25 cents.

Advertisement for an election dinner held by the ladies of the Christian Church, Skidmore, Missouri, 1914. (Skidmore, Missouri – Skidmore New Era newspaper)


Today’s political climate is enough to turn one away from one’s lunch. While we might be surprised at how uncomfortable the “good old days” really were, there’s one tradition we think should be reinstated. Church ladies are the best for large quantities of excellent comfort food, and if there’s a day when we need it, we surely will have it this November, regardless of our individual political persuasions.

Here’s a report from election day, 1912. Of course, the Daughters of Rebekah of the Graham lodge had time to cook, seeing as how they weren’t allowed to vote. Your humble storyteller is abundantly glad that we’ve righted that wrong. From the Skidmore New Era, November 14, 1912, page 4:

Rebekahs and Civic League Serve Dinners.
Graham Ladies Feed the Voters Election Day. A Big Feast and a Grand Time.

The Daughters of Rebekah of Graham lodge served a grand dinner and supper to the voters of Hughes township Tuesday, November 5, in the lower room of the I. O. O. F. building. The dinner was a complete success and the receipts amounted to about $40. Everything in the edible line that could tempt the palate of man was on hand in great quantities. Graham ladies are “past masters” in this art. It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, if that is true and the Hughes township voters did not cast the right kind of ballots, it is not the fault of the ladies of Graham, for no set of men ever had better persuasive arguments given them.

We are not trying to hand the ladies of Graham bouquets, for they don’t need them, but we believe if you have any flowers to distribute, the time to give them is when your subject is alive and can enjoy them, not wait until he is dead, for then their fragrance will be lost and unappreciated.

A few weeks ago the ladies of Graham gave a Political Dinner in the same hall, under the management of the Ladies Improvement League of Hughes Township, or Civic League. In this dinner you selected your bill of fare according to your favorite party. We do not know whether they served Bull Moose soup, Elephant steak or Mule ham, as we did not have the pleasure of attending, but we are sure you had plenty to eat and that it was fixed up to your political notion.