Election Results, April 1901

As reported in the April 5, 1901 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

The Elections.

As usual the annual elections — school and village — passed off quietly; and yet there was some interest taken but not enough to cause any great amount of votes to be cast. I. N. Sewell and Stratford Saunders were elected school directors. There were 71 votes polled at this election. Mr. sewell received 70 votes and Mr. Saunders 67. There were three other candidates in the field who received the remaining four votes. J. W. Rodman receiving two and R. F. Stults and Dr. A. T. Campbell the other two votes.

The increase in the levy necessary to maintain the school carried by a vote of 55 to 14.

The proposition for an eight months term of school received 64 for, and 6 against. Those voting against the eight months term probably thought it would be better to have twelve months school or none at all.

For county school commissioner, R. E. McCann received 39 votes and George Pat Wright 31.

For county supervision there were 25 botes cast for and 46 against.

At the village election, which was held at Bosley’s grain office, there were 98 votes polled. Following is the vote:

A. F. Hitchcock 92.
W. J. Berry 72.
Stratford Saunders 89.
W. L. Diggs 89.
R. F. Stults 93.
I. N. Sewell 19.
John Trapp 2.
George Bramble 2.
W. R. Linville 1.
James Cook 1.
Dr. A. T. Campbell 1.

We leave it to our readers to figure out the elected candidates.

The proposition to organize as a city of the fourth class was carried by a vote of 48 to 46.