Everybody enjoyed the basket ball game, 1907

More competition from the February 21, 1907 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Everybody Enjoyed It.

Those who attended the double game of basket ball last Friday night were so well pleased that the same teams have decided to play again next Friday night.

The statement in last week’s paper that the “players had blood in their eyes,” was verified at the games played Friday evening.  In the girls’ game it was a battle for supremacy all the way through and the score at the end of the game showed that the teams were very evenly matched.  In order that the members of the girls’ team might be distinguished, one team wore white waists and the other wore blue.  Those who wore the blue waists and won the game by the narrow margin of one point were:  Misses Nettie Brown, Susie and Cecil Saunders, Hattie Barker and Mary Ashbrook, while the white waist set was composed of Misses Mary and Myrtle Saunders, Bessie and Hazel Gray and Bess Strickler.

The game was close from beginning to finish and the score at the close read, Blue Waists 22, White Waists 21.

The game played by the boys was no less exciting. The players on both sides did their best to win the game.  As was the case in the girls’ game, the two teams were very evenly matched and until the end of the game it was impossible to guess with any degree of certainty which team would win, and as in the girls’ game the score was very close, 20 to 22.  Those composing the team that was fortunate enough to make the twenty-two points were Barrett, Cottril, Horn, H. Worl and Holderman.  The team that made the twenty points and went down in defeat was made up of the following players: Gray, Littler, E. and V. Ward and Strickler.

These defeated boys have made up their minds to __ next Friday night’s game as possible, while their opponents will endeavor to make it impossible for them to gain this end.

The girls who wear the white waists expect to surprise the girls in blue by giving them a taste of defeat.

The games Friday night will surely please those who enjoy good, clean, swift basket ball.