Feeding Cattle

From the September 23, 1902 Skidmore Standard, page 4:

Feeding Cattle.

David Rankin of Atchison county, who enjoys the distinction of feeding more cattle than any one East or West, says of his experience: “I bought my cattle last fall at 4 cents, and each weighed about 1,000 pounds. It takes seventy five bushels of corn or its equivalent to fatten a steer. I sold my cattle at $6.85, and they averaged 1,325 pounds. They cost $40; feed (75 bushels at 60 cents) $45; shipping and selling, $3.50; total, $88.50. Sale of 1,325 pounds at $6.85, $90.70. Profit to feeder, $2.20.” This simply goes to show that there is a close struggle with dollars and cents before the cattleman reaps his profits and takes a trip to Europe.