Fire in Downtown Skidmore, Damage Estimated at $25

Now we know why they tell us to mind our beeswax.  An accident report from the May 31, 1906 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Fire Loss of Twenty-five Dollars.

Shortly after noon on Wednesday of last week a pan of melted beeswax was accidentally upset on a gasoline torch causing the beeswax to ignite.  The fire spread rapidly and had it not been for the quick work of men near at hand it is probable that the Opera Block, in an upper room of which the accident occurred, would have been burned.  As it was the walls of the room were smoked and the paint on the woodwork and on some telephones stored in the room was blistered.  A few window panes were also broken by the heat.  The entire damage is estimated at $25.