Francis Linville Receives Best Grades

From the June 14, 1923 Skidmore News, page 1:

Francis Linville Receives Best Grades.

Will Represent Nodaway County at the Missouri State Fair, August 18-25.

Francis Linville, son of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Linville, received word Tuesday of this week that he would be entitled to represent Nodaway County at the School Fair at Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, August 18-25.  With the exception of the railroad fare, all expenses will be paid by the state.

Francis, 13 years old and in the eighth grade in Skidmore, made a grade of 91.25 and Lawrence Linville, a sophomore, was second with a grade of 89.

Six boys from over the county responded to the invitation to take the examination in Maryville June 2, every boy in the county was eligible.  The examination was under the supervision of County Superintendent Somerville. The questions were prepared by W. G. Dillon, superintendent of the State Fair School, which included questions in agriculture, arithmetic, geography and English.

Robert Porter, of Maryville, who made highest grade last year, was third this year with an average of 84.

The questions in agriculture and geography were as follows:


  • Tell how you make your fly trap or any other kind of trap and why you think it useful.
  • Name the different materials that are used in making rope and tell why each is used and in what kind of rope.
  • Name the different implements used on your farm and give the use of each.
  • What is a fireless cooker?  Can you make one?  Name the five most useful tools on the farm.
  • Do you consider it wise to sell your corn crop?  If so, give your response.
  • What is meant by cooperation and what are its advantages?


  • What effect does this season of the year have upon plants?  Upon animals?  Upon the work of the farmer and fruit growers?
  • What geographical conditions determine the climate of Europe?  Compare its climate with that of North America.
  • What new countries have been formed in Europe as a result of the World War?
  • Name five of the most important rivers in Europe.
  • Why does Japan wish to control China?
  • Bound your county and name the townships.  Give the principal occupations of your people.
  • How are our schools and charitable institutions supported?

Those taking the examination and their grades:

First, Francis Linville in eighth grade of Skidmore school, age 13, average 91.25; second, Lawrance Linville, sophomore in Skidmore High School, age 15, average 89.  Third, Robert Porter, freshman in Maryville High School, age 13, average 84; fourth, John Mountjoy, junior in Maryville High School, age 13, average 76.5; fifth, Brooking Gex, freshman in Graham High School, age 14, average 75.5; sixth, Clifford Rundle, in grade school at Burlington Junction, age 14, average 55.16.