Frank Appleman Weds Iva Ward, 1905

Quite a wedding took place on this date in 1905, we think, if this report in the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri) of February 23, 1905 (page 4) is any indication:

In Holy Matrimony.

At high noon on Wednesday, February fifteenth at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Ward, seven miles northwest of Skidmore, Mr. Frank Appleman, of Maitland, and Miss Iva L. Ward were united in wedlock, Rev. W. H. officiating.  The services took place in the west double parlors of the Ward home in the presence of thirty or more of the friends of the contracting parties.  At the close of the service waving all formal congratulations the guests were ushered into the spacious dining hall where a feast was spread in courses as rich as might be expected in a king’s house. Taken all in all this ranked among the first weddings of the season.  A real sensible matter-of-fact wedding in the best appointments.  Miss Della Scott presided at the piano and played the wedding march.

The presents given in memory and tokens of friendship were abundant and well chosen, being both useful and ornamental, some to endure after the donors are no more.

The guests remained in social communion and the enjoyment until the late afternoon hours and then reluctantly retired leaving their best wishes with the bride and groom, to go home feeling that it had been a day of high privilege to them.

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